Setting up our route

Kristie, my friend and business partner, is either trying to kill me or prolong my life through excessive exercise. First there was the half marathon, then the Lake Placid Marathon, then the 200 mile Reach the Beach relay, and now a two week hike along the Cohos Trail.
It has been a number of years since I have backpacked much, but she has convinced me.
Due to business, family, and life obligations, we have set a higher mileage per day in order to finish the trail in 11 days. In the White Mountains and much of Northern NH, camping is limited by where it is allowed. This is partly due to the newness of the trail, the use of private lands, and preservation of the region.
In the coming days we will finalize our route and post for others to comment on and offer advice.
At the moment, we are reeling from the realization that The Balsams Resort is closed for renovations. This was a big selling point for Kristie to convince me to join her! And someone should notify the publishers of 1000 places to see before you die!
As we nail down our final plans, I wake up nightly and text Kristie
one more idea, thought or fear, remembering the joy is in the journey, and knowing this will be an event to remember. The key to our success will be in the planning!


14 thoughts on “Setting up our route

    1. Hi Dave!
      Yes we did!!! Thanks for the reminder that we need to follow up and post on our blog! We started 9/19 and finished 9/30 at the Canadian border. Very tough 12 days, some small mishaps, but we got really lucky with weather and foliage. I think our legs have almost healed up – I’m in desperate need of a pedicure and massage!!!
      We will get to work on posting.

      1. Hey, congrats on finishing the cohos trail. I am just starting my plan to do it in the spring. Can I ask if you happened to carry a GPS with you and record the route? If so, would you be willing to export the route you used to a GPX so I could load it on my GPS? I always worry about loosing the trail and having the route preprogrammed into my GPS makes me feel a little safer.

        Thanks – Paul

      2. Hello Paul!
        Will you be hiking alone? We found the trail to be fairly well marked with CT blazes once we hit the Percy peaks, but before that not so much. We actually lost the trail in the Kilkenney Ridge on our approach to South Weeks and had to use bushwhacking, map and compass, and our GPS/map app on our cell phone to find the peak. Apparently that’s a rough spot for everyone. We also had trouble finding the trail as we left Rudy’s Cabins, but that may be because we followed older maps or directions. It was nice to have 2 of us to bounce off any doubt as to whether or not we were on track! We did not use GPS for our route, though. If you like, I would be happy to send you our itinerary. Finishing the trail in 12 days was a little tight and made for 2 very high mileage days, but we couldn’t really spare more with jobs and families at home.
        It was definitely the adventure of a lifetime for me (so far!), and we are planning to hike the Northville-Placid Trail in the Adirondacks next summer/fall. Good luck!

      3. Hi Kristie,
        Great job , I want to do this solo no – so and would like your itinerary, if possible, did you have a drop in the middle ? and camp sites. any wildlife ?
        Thanks again

      4. Hi Dave – here’s the breakdown of our trip. We sent resupply packages to The Lantern (Jefferson), Stark Village Inn, and Lake Francis State Park. My husband met us in Dixville Notch and resupplied us, as well. Turns out we had WAY TOO MUCH food! We sent some home and left some at some of our stops. We had assumed since we normally eat breakfast lunch and dinner, we would need that plus snacks, but one day I calculated that we were only consuming 1500-1600 calories a day, just because we were focused on getting to our destinations each day and not pausing as much to eat. We each lost about 10 lb over the 12 days!
        Sadly, we did not see any wildlife – no deer, no moose. Moose tracks every single day, so they’re out there, but that was my only disappointment.

        Cohos Trail Hike
        Itinerary/Overnights/Resupply Options

        Day #1: Hike 15.1 miles; camp at Dry River Crossing (shelter)

        Day #2: Hike 11.2 miles; camp at Mt. Deception campground (rustic campground). There is a convenience store near Fabyan’s Station on 302 just before campground.

        Day #3: Hike 13.8 miles; spend the night at The Lantern Resort Campground (reservations are complete). Jefferson Country Store is here.

        Day #4: Hike 13.4 miles; camp at Mt. Cabot cabin or outside (first-come, first-serve).

        Day #5: Hike 13.8 miles; spend the night at Stark Village Inn (reservations are complete). We can send a supply package; “Nancy” also provides a shuttle to and from trail.
        $15 deposit paid 8/2/13; balance of $39.95 due at check-in – cash or check – no credit card

        Day #6: Hike 12.2 miles; camp outside near Nash Stream area at Pine Brook Falls.

        Day #7: Hike 13.35 miles; camp at Bald Head lean-to.

        Day #8: Hike 12.62 miles; spend the night at Peace Of Heaven (reservations are made). Joe will meet us here to resupply.

        Day #9: Hike 18.42 miles; camp at Rudy’s (reservations are made).

        Day #10: Hike 14.5 miles (this turned out to be longer; closer to 20 miles; not sure how we goofed on that, but it was flat walking through Pittsburgh on snowmobile/ATV trails); camp at Francis Campground (reservations are made).
        Young’s Store is less than 2 miles after leaving campground.
        Can mail a package to the park. Write “hold for Cohos Trail Hikers Kristie and Carolyn, arrival date 9/28/13”
        Lake Francis State Park
        439 River Rd
        Pittsburg, NH 03592

        Day #11: Hike 14.7 miles; camp at Deer Mountain Campground (reservations are made).

        Day #12: Hike 14.7 miles (this was really no more than 5-6 miles; probably explains our long day getting to Lake Francis); END at Canadian border. Drive home!!!

  1. Hi Kristie,

    Thanks for sharing the tough spots at least, and your itinerary. At this point it looks like I will solo hike when I go. I have a complete .gpx from the northville placid trail from when I did it a year ago, so if you want it just let me know.


    1. Paul,

      I would really appreciate a copy of that .gpx file. could you possably email it to me at d m k e r r at d m k e r r d o t com ? I’m in the beging stages of planing my trip that will most likely be solo as well.

      Thank you!

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